Storage / Display Cabinets

Storage / Display Cabinets

Blanket boxes are extremely useful storage solutions and are ideal for tidying away toys, throws or even shoes. Glass display cabinets store possessions neatly and orderly, and allow you to display the items you love the most either on shelves or safely behind glass panels.

From traditional mango wood display cabinets and corner display cabinets to model display cabinets and modern wooden display cabinets, there's certainly plenty to choose from! Likewise, whether you're looking for a toy storage box, shoe storage unit or a good old fashioned blanket box - you're spoilt for choice here.

History of Display Cabinets

Display Cabinets have been built for home storage in different forms for many hundreds of years. Glass display cabinets have been inherently popular for displaying collectable items in need of protection from dust and damage. Nowadays they house everything from kitchen glassware to records and CDs.

History of Storage Boxes

The chest or trunk is one of the oldest forms of furniture. Throughout history, a storage boxes purpose has not only been for storing your possessions but also for use as an occasional seat. Nowadays we still find uses for these handy pieces of furniture, from a shoe storage unit, to a blanket box; the good old-fashioned storage trunk has storage solutions for all.

The development of the printing press in the 1400s was the European internet revolution of its time. It facilitated the widespread dissemination of knowledge and ideas and, for furniture makers, led to the development of the bookcase as it is known today. Earlier, hand-produced, books were usually kept in closed cabinets.

Glass Display Cabinets as a Storage Solution

Our glass display cabinets have been designed so that you can protect your prized possessions whilst still keeping them in view. Alternatively, our sheesham and mango display cabinets have solid doors and could be used for items which require protection from sunlight.

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